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Research Project

I changed my topic little bit. As professor Groom told, I think that fragrance is difficult to describe because it is smell. People wouldn’t recognized unti they smell. So I might argue about Ralph Lauren clothing style. How they changed their styles through time. Also how they they affect people’s style and how they focus on selling their products.

What I have found in library resources is Polo Ralph Lauren’s strategy to sell product. CEO of Polo could be in line for an US$11m bonus if the company meets its targets.Also, I found articles that says Polo Ralph Lauren corp. expand their baranches through world as Tokyo in Japan and

Specifically for men, the company has started to drive the active aspect of the market with its Golf, Tennis and RLX brands. The recent sponsoring of athletes and events like the U.S. Open and Wimbledon was aimed at driving home the active message with consumers.

I know I could argue more detail about Ralph Lauren’s style through articles, fashion advertisements like how they focusin when they advertise their products, how their strategy changed through time, but It is hard to find company’s history. I just looked on their web site, but there are just prodcuts, and pictures etc. I think that I need to do more research about Ralph Lauren Corp. itself or CEO style or advertisements.


Reading Questions

While Freire speaks powerfully about the politics of the classroom. the one thing that is interesting is Freire doesn’t state any real examples. In English class, I would feel like “real” life problems that I can imply to myself, but in history class, I just memorize histories that I need to learn. There is no chance to look “real” history by my self. But Psychology class is kind of different as English class. In psychology class, of course I memorize some terms that I need to know, I do experience in class. That helps me better understand.  

 I would define praxis is as practice and alienation is as being awkward or nothing wih common. In the writing, he mentioned that “liberation is a praxis…” I think that praxis means liberation the way to learn. So we need to understand it more carefully and closely.

Ralph Lauren perfume

Bashford, Suzy. “Ralph Lauren set to target teens in fragrance launch.(Brief Article).” Marketing (May 31, 2001): 5. Expanded Academic ASAP. Thomson Gale. University of Mary Washington. 31 Oct. 2006
Finn, Kristin. “LAUREN’S NEW STYLE.(Ralph Lauren’s new perfume).” WWD (March 26, 2004): 6. General Business File ASAP. Thomson Gale. University of Mary Washington. 31 Oct. 2006

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“Glamour, according to Ralph Lauren, is defined as ‘an amazing quality of being timeless, yet always feeling fresh and modern.’ (Fragrance).(launch of Glamourous fragrance)(Brief Article).” Cosmetics International Cosmetic Products Report 17.205 (Feb 2002): 6(1). Expanded Academic ASAP. Thomson Gale. University of Mary Washington. 31 Oct. 2006

I would do Ralph Lauren fragrance. I wanted do some related to women because I think that ads that related to women is more easily to understand then, I think about lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc, but I think fragrance, perfume is the most sensitive cosmetics then I would expect company would put more efforts on their sensitive product, which is perfume to have attention from people.

I researched some articles about Ralph Lauren’s perfume, but not a old versions. I might focusing on how Ralph Lauren company makes their ads as time goes or as they make new fragrance for people.

Research project

I would like to do advertisment of BMW automobile or women’s cosmetics such as Lancome, Christian Dior or etc.

Or maybe GUCCI, Louis Vuitton

Reading Questions

Bordo writes pretty long essay, but the reason of readers get attention each part of she said or not losing attention to writing is she controls pace on her writing. Some of them are very long, some are not. When she discussed tough topic or long sentences that make reader get confusing, I feel like she paused it then give time to readers to think about it, which is good.  Also, while she is arguing something, she put some picturea that helps readers to understand easier. Pictures are more helpful to understand or get attention.

She discuss men’s dress at first, then she focus on  discussing certain styles and goes on discussing shorter sections before she discussing main topic. Bordo puts some pictures to illustrate her ideas. In some picture, men who stares at us. When we see one guy who stares at us directly, we automatically think of the guy is very confident about his body or something. But some guys are looking down, we thinks that that guy seems like shy or has secret or make people be curious.


124871.jpg (

This is 1969 ad to sell women’s clothing. The woman wears covered clothing except her are part, also she express happy for wearing this clothes, not just appealing women’s sexy body.

959.jpg (

this ad also for women’s fashion clothing in 1984. It is different compare to 69 ad. Woman’s position, and clothing style. She wears more short clothing. The main difference that I reacognized is their legs’ position. In first ad, woman makes her legs narrower, but in second ad, the woman makes her legs wide.

 The first ad make attraction to people in momhood or womankind ways. If you wear first ad clothing, you could feel like neat, and womaly. but second one is more sexy. Even her head position makes sexy appeal.

Deconstructing Ads

The first ad “Are you in know?” demonstrate directly what choices we have in specific situation appropriately. They show different choices in different situation the women chould have, but finally they mentioned that women’s final choice is Kotex. They approach mentioning direct choices in specific situation, but in last, make people to follow their choice, which is Kotex, their product. The second ad shows a beautiful woman who is sitting, but they make blurred her bottom part, which makes people more curious about it and more attractive to people. Also, the context says, “Be Question, be an answer” means to me is if you use this product, you can figure it out. Unlike the first ad, the second one mentioned womne’s body for their product even it is blurred, but first one shows the situation that women can experience finally women is not going to choose any but Kotex for themselves. In addition, instead of demonstrating situation in first ad, the second ad shows one beautiful girl with blurred bottom part her body.

Reading Questions for Douglas’s essay

Douglas mentioned advertisement that describes women. Douglas mentioned that advertisement for women’s cosmetics like Revlon, Lancome that makes women satisfied their desires. Most women want to be beautiful and have good looking, but cosmetic company or others use that kind of women’s desire to seel their products.  So media or advertisement make their ads or products more womanly that attract men also women, too. Douglas mentioned that characteristics for ads different time period. She states that the media makes expectations of what a woman’s out looking suppose to be. That makes influencs to women what they should be look like, or how they attract men using some products, or have to wear, or how they act. Thus, society includes media, ads, or etc make people’s expectation, women’s behavior under their pressure.

Women in media

54070994_5740b6d625.jpg(taken from

This ad is for automobile, Benz. The first thing that we see in this ad is a beautiful woman who is looking at us. I don’t even recognized that this ad is for Benz cars, but in right corner of this ad we can see little symbol of Benz. Why do they show a beautiful woman instead of their own cars? I think that the company want to attract  men’s interest on their automobile. According to Douglas, the media using women’s attraction to advertise their product.

img-ad-campaign.jpg( taken from google images)

This is the one of the Dove advertisement for campaign for women celebrate who they are. This ad shows that the point of Douglas’s essay. I think that whay Douglas wants to tell people is women should identified by themsleves not media, ads, other people and they should be proud of themselves. Now, most people think that women should have beautiful looking, nice body, etc. Even people’s prejudice of women influenced by society, commercial such as media, ads, movie, etc.

Reading Questions for Ways of Seeing by John Berger

1. As Berger mentioned the word “history”, I think it stands for history of the art. When we saw some piece of art that is from ancient or long time ago, we think about this art is old and it should be some point of it because of the age. For example, we saw the Monalisa, then we think about that this Monalisa has been so long time in our mind, so that leads us to think of value of this art because of famous of the art and age of the art.

Beger establishes the relation between past and present is the past is never there waiting to be discovered, to be recognized for exactly what it is. Then, he mentioned that history always constitutes the relation between a present and its past. The past is not for living in; it is a well of conclusion from which we draw in order to act.

He says that he has “situated” un in history, It means that when we see something as piece of art, photographs, pr paintings, etc, we situated in the history of art, not the real value/history of the art piece. It is same as Percy’s point. Hepointed out the affection of “preformed” symbolic complex about the ways of perspective of people.

2. I would characterized Beger’s account of that paintings would illustrated by perspective makes the single eye the centre of the visible world. Our visible world would be infinity, but our perspective that based on history of the art or knowledge of the art makes us to see what they should be seeing, not seeing it as it is even though some pieces of art are not famous. As he says, “The way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe,” he knows that we have been situated by past and present to see something, so we can’t see it as it is or we can’t see it creatively in our own ways.